Yolo Snacks !

The Yolo Guys

A few years ago, a mutual friend who noticed that they talked incessantly about popcorn introduced Steve and Peter. It was their favorite snack, it was a healthy snack, it was a fun snack, and it was such an easy snack to share with their kids...kind of a mini-vacation. One thought kept coming up: Why wasn’t there better popcorn out there?

They discussed their favorite flavors, popping techniques, small regional brands, and the big-budget megabrands. Then they got an idea. Let’s just do it ourselves.

Sure, it’s a little crazy for two guys to start a popcorn company, but who doesn’t want to be surrounded by their favorite snack everyday?  The Yolo Guys live and sleep popcorn. They’re dedicated to creating the best popcorn on the planet for fans just like them - and you.  

So grab a bag, rip it open, and tell us what you think!